Andrea Zellner’s Research Development Portfolio

  • What is a Research Development Paper (RDP)?

By the end of the semester, your will present a paper that contains the following components: (1) where you began: your initial statement of your research interests, (2) your end-of-semester statement of that interest (with a short commentary on the changes evident in the two), (3) a summary of their conversations with “experts,” (4) an annotated bibliography of relevant research, and (5) an agenda of further steps to explore and develop this interest. –from the 900/930 website


Research Interests (v.2)

I am interested the ways in which network spaces facilitate knowledge transfer among teachers.  Specifically, I am curious about how online network spaces, especially those spaces not originally intended for educational purposes, are utilized by teachers in order to facilitate their own learning through informal interactions with one another, and how communities of practice are formed in these spaces.  Unrelated to this,  I am also interested in how standardized assessments are developed, delivered, and interpreted, and how the use of these assessments impact education reform and the standards movement, especially in regards to student reading and writing in digital environments.

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